5 Ways A Custom Virtual Background Can Make You Look More Professional

Custom Virtual Background

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Remote working is great, but it has some downfalls. When you’re on a Zoom meeting, everyone can see your location, which can be distracting. A custom Zoom background might be just the ticket to feel more professional. Here’s how.

No Clutter

Whether your favorite meeting spot is at your local coffee shop or in your kitchen, the stuff in the background can be distracting. Zoom office backgrounds keep the clutter out of your meeting. No one is going to know you didn’t do the dishes before you started work. They won’t see people walking past you. Your custom background will keep the meeting focused, which reduces the time spent in a meeting.

Gives You Confidence

Everyone worries about how their home looks when they’re in a meeting with colleagues. A professional background eliminates those concerns. You won’t be thinking about the books they might see on your shelf or your eccentric decorations. You’ll be more focused on the meeting, giving you an edge of confidence that comes off as professional.

Same Background For Your Entire Team

When the entire team has the same virtual office background, everyone is on a level playing ground. It can appear as if you’re in the same meeting rather than looking as if you’re haphazardly joining in on your free time. Your background is a signal that you’re there to work and you’re tuned in to the speaker and materials. It can seem like a simple thing, but it can keep the meeting from getting derailed by your artwork or home décor. Use backgrounds to manage meetings more effectively.

Professional Setting

As a professional, image has a lot to do with how people see you. As much as we’d like to see people focus on credentials instead of looks, your meeting background can be part of your image to keep people from rating you based on your surroundings. Zoom backgrounds project a professional setting, whether you’re on the beach or in your bedroom.

Positive Attitude and Image

Zoom backgrounds put you in an appropriate setting for a meeting, regardless of your real circumstances. Your credentials are strengthened because your colleagues can see that you are professional, even though you might be wearing shorts instead of pants or flip flops instead of pumps. It’s the appearance of a positive image that projects professionalism.

Puts You In Meeting Mode

Using a Zoom background lets you show yourself at your best. You won’t be focused on cleaning up your room, which gives you time to test the technology and make sure everything is connected properly. You’ll have time to work on lighting, which can also help you feel and look more professional. Get set up before the meeting by turning off notifications and having all your documents prepared instead of thinking about what people will see when you’re on screen. Meetings with a professional background give you a professional edge that clients and colleagues will appreciate, even if they never say a word about it. It’s just good sense to use a virtual background.

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