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Real money casinos have always been the highlight of gambling. Both online and offline casinos get a new influx of players all the time. It’s primarily because there’s a special charm to gambling. Check the best real money pokies for Australian players to make sure it’s true. However, some people take it a bit too far to get themselves banned from casinos.

In this post today, we’re going to go over a few celebrities who have been banned from online casino UK no verification mostly in the US. The list might be surprising to a lot of you because some names are globally acclaimed for their influence over the general public. They are:

  • Ben Affleck
  • Paris Hilton
  • Dana White
  • Allen Iverson
  • Lil Wayne
  • Darren Brown

Ben Affleck

Probably the most surprising name on the list. DC’s latest Batman is not only an actor but also a director and a screenwriter. Apparently, he’s a card counter too in terms of real money gambling.

If you research his background, you’d know that he’s currently banned from playing online blackjack at Hard Rock Casino. If you’re wondering how he got himself banned from playing real money games, let us clarify.

Back in 2014, Ben Affleck went to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. His wife was also with him at that time. He’s already been known for his passion for card games.

So, he joined a table and started burning cash on card games. Soon enough, he started to show his skills by winning game after game. Suddenly, the casino games administrators approached him and escorted him away.

Although Ben was never accused of counting cards, reliable sources all confirm his secretive skill.

Paris Hilton

Admit it. You already knew Paris Hilton’s name was going to be on this list, didn’t you? Paris has always been known for its shenanigans in public places. Casinos in Las Vegas are no different.

The first instance of her getting banned from a casino site was at the Wynn Resort in Vegas. Apparently, she had cocaine in her possession. She later claimed that she thought it was gum.

Needless to say, there was not a single soul on earth who took her on her word. Would you? Only a few days after his arrest at the gates of Wynn Resorts, Paris was banned from entering the casino premises ever again.

The next instance when she got banned from playing was at the Encore Resorts. No, she didn’t cause another scene at the entryway of this casino. Rather, Encore is owned by Wynn. So, it makes sense, right?

Looks like gambling online is her only option now. She might as well score some welcome bonus this time.

Dana White

Yes, this is THE Dana White. Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dana White saved UFC from the brink of bankruptcy and turned it into the largest fighting platform for MMA fighters from all over the world.

And he’s banned from pretty much all casinos in Las Vegas. Well, not technically “banned”. But he often claims himself to be the “most unwanted guest” at the Las Vegas casinos.

To date, there is no documentation of Dana White’s conflict to win real money except for the Palms. Apparently, he was playing $25,000 hands on the high roller tables and was winning real money consistently.

The casino had no other way but to cut his credit line down to $5,000. It’s like a minimum deposit considering his wealth. An angry Dana White left the premises to never return. 1 year later, when the casino invited him back. The same thing happened all over again.

In various interviews, Dana White has told the media that he’s banned from quite a few real money establishments in Vegas. But there is no written evidence for it.

Allen Iverson

You surely know the NBA all-star, right? He dominated the shooting guard and point guard positions for 14 straight seasons in the NBA. But did you know that he’s banned from Bally’s Park Place, a real money casino in Atlantic City?

Well, it’s not one of the latest news or anything. The incident that got him banned took place way back in 2004. He went to Bally’s during his golden era in Philadelphia to test his hand at a few real money casino games.

He was then escorted out and was asked to “never return”. He didn’t count cards. He didn’t assault casino players. All he did was urinate on the casino site trash can. Unlike online casino games, you can’t just walk into a place and urinate, can you?

That might be the first instance for this former NBA star but it was certainly not the last. Later in 2009, he was banned from both Greektown Casinos and MGM for bad behaviour.

The reports that were published outlining the stories stated that Allen loses a lot during his casino adventures. But he’s a bad loser. He curses a lot and creates uncomfortable situations for other members on the floor.

Lil Wayne

Yes, it’s Lil Wayne the rapper. Often credited as the rap god of Hollywood (no conflicts with Eminem, please), Lil Wayne is reportedly banned from the Wynn Hotels in Las Vegas. If the name looks familiar to you, it’s because Paris Hilton too got arrested at the same gambling sites.

Although the news wasn’t flashed immediately, Wynn officials later clarified that they banned Wayne’s entrance on the premises due to his probation. Apparently, the rapper is not supposed to drink alcohol for 3 years. And we all know how hard it is to walk around a casino floor and not drink.

Interestingly, Wynn Hotel is the only establishment in Vegas that showed any concern for Lil Wayne’s probation. The rapper was later found to be walking around the halls of the Palms.

Darren Brown

Yes, this is the illusionist Darren Brown we’re talking about. It only makes sense that he’s extremely good with card counting. He’s also very good at predicting lottery numbers. He’s known for doing things that are deemed impossible for regular casino players.

Of his spectacular abilities, all land-based casinos around the UK have banned him from participating in any casinos. Thankfully, UK online casinos are still an option for him.

It all started back in 2013 when he was picked up at the Broadway Plaza for the suspicion of card counting. No, there was no drama there. The authorities simply asked him to leave the premises and not to come back again.

Wrapping Up

If you want to win money at casinos, you should always respect the rules and regulations of the business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or not. Those who didn’t respect the trait paid with their right to play.

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