Build Up Your Muscles With Yaheetech Adjustable Dumbbell Set!

Do you love working out with dumbbells? But all you have is a singular weight to speak of? Well, you now have a better option with the Yaheetech Adjustable Dumbbell Set. With a variety of options from – 40 Lb, to 52.5 Lb to 90 Lb to pick from, these iron bars are wear-and-tear proof and come with clear dials that improve the adjustment levels. 

As you scroll down this post, you will get details of the brand – Yaheetech, specifics of this adjustable dumbbell set, and some quirky features that make this one of the most opted dumbbells among a range of them! 

About Yaheetech 

Kickstarting its journey in 2003, this e-commerce brand has been a benchmark in producing some of the best lifestyle products, and that too at an affordable rate. The brand, compared to its competitors, provides the utmost levels of creativity and ensures a seamless integration of – online retailing with marketing services (the big data type). From designing products to offering overseas warehousing, there is a wide variety of lifestyle products and pet supplies that Yaheetech offers. 

Let us take a look at the adjustable dumbbell set that this company has brought forth – 

Yaheetech Adjustable Dumbbell Set 

One of the best offerings to date from the house of Yaheetech, this adjustable dumbbell set brings forth a chance to try out a range of weights without getting a new set-up every time. Categorically suitable for arms and shoulders, this black dumbbell, as you can check – set is non-slip in nature and is suitable for a wide range of individuals (incorporating almost every weight range). Priced from $129.99 to $299.99, this adjustable dumbbell set is compatible with both home and gym training sessions. 

So, for all those of you looking at not just sculpting muscles, this helps tone your shoulders, back, and arms – thereby ensuring comfort to the user. 

Features of Yaheetech Adjustable Dumbbell Set 

Some of the primary features of this includes – 

  • Comes with anti-slip handle – Given that this is adjustable in nature, therefore, you can easily twist the anti-slip handle that has been categorically selectorized. This feature enhances the adjustment levels ensuring the switch between 3 lb to 40 lb happens effortlessly! 
  • Steel-plated backing – Curated of steel plates that provide a solid backing, this has a protective cloaking of polypropylene to ensure that it gets the ideal covering from additional wear and tear. 
  • Increased grip strength – Compared to the regular dumbbell sets, this one offers both comfort as well as elevated grip strength. With the correct combo of ABS & PPR, this dumbbell is categorically customized to cater to those looking for an elevated sense of control. 
  • Double-step lock system – The biggest plus point of this dumbbell is the double-step, locking system of the weight plate that not only improves stability but also enhances the safety feature. 
  • Clear dials for support – Another of its key fundamentals is the presence of clear dials which categorically improves the usage level and ease of the adjustment levels of the dumbbell. 
  • Utmost safety measures are followed – Unlike the regular dumbbells, this one is enabled with convex textures that are anti-slip. Therefore, you need not worry about safety levels during your exercise regime, since, the balance and stability are maintained overall. 
  • Space-friendly product – Lastly, this, unlike any of its predecessors, is space-friendly and can be stowed away under a bench or anywhere else. 

These are some of the best features associated with these dumbbells making them one of the most opted ones. 

Here are some quick facts 

MATERIAL QUALITY  Made of Alloy steel with a combination of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with Polypropylene 
DIMENSIONS 16 x 8 x 8 inches 
UNIQUE FEATURES  Non-slip in nature with adjustable compatibility 
SIZE RANGE  40 Lbs, 52.5 Lbs, or even 90 Lbs
AVAILABLE OPTIONS  Adjustable dumbbell set/ 3-in-1 dumbbell set 

A quick note on Yaheetech 

Yaheetech is a cross-border e-commerce company established in 2003 with more than 500 employees worldwide. With our own 39 warehouses around the world, we provide a wide range of products with fast delivery to millions of customers in more than 10 countries, available on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wayfair, Wish, Cdiscount, ManoMano, OTTO, Rakuten, Real and more. We devote ourselves to making your life comfortable.

Conclusive thoughts 

In the field of e-commerce, Yaheetech has been one of the fundamental competitors in bringing the best to its domain. Its latest offering, the adjustable dumbbell set, incorporates within itself a host of features that make it both efficient and easy to use. Additionally, it is both water and wear and tear-proof, thereby making it an immediate pick in recent times! So, for everyone looking for a dumbbell that has all the benefits (as may be demanded) stacked in one, this can be your ultimate choice. 

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