10 Bonding Rituals for Christian Couples

Ten Bonding Rituals For Christian Couples Married

Are you ready to bring your relationship back to life? Do you want to revive that spark you had with your partner some time ago and keep it ever new?

I’d really like you to rekindle the light of love, affection, intimacy, and sexual desire in you and your partner. Believe me. You can do that with some simple bonding rituals.

Study shows that at the beginning of a relationship, there is a massive flow of love, but as time proceeds, the spark may begin to reduce, and at this point all you need is to try never to let the light die off and to keep the love new every morning.

Rituals are acts turned into momentary habits. Before now, sacred acts were preserved through rituals. That way, it remains and is renewed. I bet the love and happiness you share with your partner is worth preserving and constantly renewed as well.

That makes it necessary to embrace some bonding rituals as a couple. Professing love literarily isn’t enough assurance to a long-lasting marriage or successful relationship. You need the help of some daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly rituals.

10 bonding rituals for couples

1. Rituals of reunion ( warm welcome and delightful goodbye)

Holding unto the habit of not leaving without saying goodbye and of welcoming your partner warmly is a great bonding ritual. This act reassures your partner of your love and care.

They aren’t big things, but you never know the joy it brings. Hugging your partner on returning home is a love drug that not only calms the nervous system, it also lightens the heart and initiates joy into the soul, bringing the feeling of love around.

Kissing at goodbyes is also very relevant. Whether it’s for work or short trips. Initiate the ritual of rendering a warm welcome and sending delightful goodbyes because it keeps you in your partner’s mind.

2. Date nights

Don’t underrate the power of going on date nights just as you did in the early days of your relationship. Go on a date with your partner from time to time and let the memories you had, flow back to put a smile on your faces. Dress sexy and hot for your partner, adore each other, and talk about whatever you’d like to talk about.

You may choose to go for karaoke nights or parties and dance to the admiration of each other. It lightens the spirit and makes the bond you share stronger.

You may also plan a double date with your favorite couple. They could be the neighbors you like spending quality time with. Go out together and have fun. Such moments strengthen relationships and marriage bonds.

3. Evening talk

Catch up with your better half in the evenings after the day’s work. Probably before dinner. Take out time to talk about the day’s work and other exciting things. While some evenings may accept you and your partner alone with a glass of wine, other evenings may include watching Netflix, playing board games while you discuss. Sometimes, it may go all romantic to involve cuddling, resting on each other’s shoulders, massaging the feet, or calmly caressing your partner’s hair.

It provides a suitable avenue to discuss without yelling, your day at work. You may get to talk about a lot more such as funny memories you had together, your dreams, fears, insecurities, and accomplishments. The smile and happiness that ensues from this wonderful moment are unimaginable.

4. Eating together

A family that eats together stays together. Eating together is a ritual that has attested to being the backbone of unity in many families. It indicates value and leaves so many positive impacts when upheld. Sharing mealtimes with your partner is a strong bonding ritual.

5. Engage in mini-vacations

Mini vacay ranges from evening hangouts and neighborhood strolling, to traveling on planned vacations, going for site seeing, and stargazing. Doing this once in a while with your partner is relaxing. It helps strengthen the bond of love. Lots of memories are created along the line, and it’s not to be underrated.

6. Praying and meditation

For couples who believe in God and the existence of marriage as a sacred order, and wish that their bond lasts long enough, it is advised that they share sacred or divine moments together.

Say prayers together at night holding each other’s hands and in the morning too. Attend religious gatherings together. It’s a good ritual to maintain strong and lasting marital bonds.

7. Celebrate relevant dates

Every couple has very important dates in their lives and it’s a good thing to celebrate these dates. The celebration may not be so big, but it’s a good way to celebrate love and appreciate each other.

Dates such as birthdays and anniversaries are so important that every couple should make great use of them. Do special and fun things on that day. You may decide to do a just-us celebration, or you may invite family also.

8. Include healthy habits in your special outlined rituals

Some daily habits performed with your spouse may seem insignificant, but is also strengthening the bond between you two. You may cultivate the habit of

  • Serving your partner coffee every morning
  • Dropping love notes for your partner
  • Sending a text message in between worktime
  • Cooking together once a week or as planned
  • Playing board games like chess.
  • Playing outdoor, doing workouts, and exercising together

All these little things are simple rituals that look insignificant but are highly bonding.

9. Trust walk

Most times, all you need is to trust your partner. Go for a trust walk with your partner once in a while. Let your better half blindfold you and take you to a place you would like.

It may look weird, but it has so many advantages. First, you’ll keep smiling and filled with anxiousness till you get there. You’ll finally be pleased when you’re surprised at the lovely spot you guys arrived.

You can’t help but smile and talk until you get back home to sleep like a baby filled with happiness. It’s relaxing. Perform the rituals once in a while.

10. Sacred bath and massage exchange

So many couples may not like to share the bathroom together, but even if you don’t do it all the time, make some days out and share the bathtub. If you wish to enjoy it more, add some ointment to the warm bath and allow the fragrance to sink through your body to your soul.

You can alternatively give each other massages with a high fragrance ointment. It is more relaxing getting a massage from your partner, and it’s a good way of strengthening what binds you two.

Bottom line

Enjoy every moment spent with your partner. Spice things up and make the bond you share stronger with some of the bonding rituals explained earlier. Your happiness and the progress of your marriage are all I care about.

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