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A fishing kayak is any kind of boat that has an integral paddle so you can use them for either paddling or as a platform to sit on while you are not actively fishing. They come in all shapes and sizes, but most have some type of seating position and room for storage.

Many people consider these types of boats to be more purpose-built than recreational waters because they want greater efficiency when it comes to catching fish. Others prefer the feel of using a traditional surfboard style paddle instead of the more maneuverable blade style ones.

Either way, there are many different brands out there with different levels of quality. Some are much costlier than others, which may or may not make a difference to how well you enjoy your time spent floating around looking for something to eat.

We will talk about some reasons why this type of boat is great below, but first let’s take a look at one of our favorite small Fishing Kayak Under 1000!

Best Small Kayak For Bass – The Hobie Beach Boss

Kayak: Hobie Beach Boss (Soft Top)

Why It Is Great: This soft top model adds another level of protection against wet feet by covering up part of the cockpit area. Because it uses foam materials, it also helps preserve the shape and integrity of the boat if hit or submerged during a fall.

Curabo Ultralight

The Curbo is one of the newer entry level fishing kayaks that has really picked up steam in the market today. It is manufactured by InnerFlow, an organization with over 30 years of paddling experience. This company has done some great marketing to promote their product as the best all-around adventure paddle.

The Curbo was designed to be more affordable than other products in its class, but it does not lack any features. An average person will feel comfortable using this boat for beginner or advanced levels of paddling.

It can handle most water conditions and types easily. If you are looking to get into fishing then the Curbo makes a good first choice due to how easy it is to use. There are many different accessories that can help you start off right!

Overall length: 72 inches

Weight: 6 pounds 8 ounces unloaded

Capacity: 1–2 people (depending on size)

Speed: 0–4 mph

These characteristics make the Curbo a pretty solid option.

Sanuk Expedition Pro

The Sanuk Expedition Pro is one of the most popular fishing kayaks in its class due to it being versatile, durable, and stable. It has quickly become a go-to boat for many because of this.

The main hull material is an aluminum sandwich that gives it good durability while keeping weight down. This allows you to take more time exploring around waterways without having to worry too much about it breaking or needing significant maintenance.

It also comes with several features such as foot braces, hand holds, and adjustable seat cushions. All of these help give you better leverage when working on your craft and keep your paddler comfortable while using the kayak.

Overall, the Sanuk Expedition Pro is very reliable and will always get the job done! It can be purchased online anywhere.

Teton Gravity Sport

TheTeton GravitySport is one of the best fishing kayaks for beginners because it comes with easy to use features and quality paddling equipment. This boat was designed by professional fishermen and life coaches who wanted a stable, comfortable platform that would let you bring all your gear with you while still giving you precision maneuvering abilities in tight spaces.

It has an added benefit too; this boat gets its name from the gravity field created by the shape of the hull. This allows the boat to remain steady in even the most unstable conditions such as large waves or currents.

Furthermore, the seat foam is removable and washable which makes cleaning easier. If needed you can simply toss the foam piece into some alcohol and clean it there!


The TGS is not only a beautiful looking kayak, but it also offers great performance when it comes to exploring new waters and finding new areas to fish. It will help you get started as a beginner angler and learn the basics of casting and reeling. The ease of use makes it perfect for both novice and experienced users.

Wiseley Big Lake

The Wiseley big lake is one of the best fishing kayaks for beginners because it comes with helpful accessories that can be used for many different types of fishing. This boat has very high praise from customers due to its ease of use and versatility.

This type of kayak is perfect for fishermen who want to have fun while exploring around their local area or traveling to other areas to enjoy some good outdoor sports. Because this kayak is designed to easily transport, you do not need special equipment to take it along on your trip.

These qualities are important as they help promote easy access to the boat so you will never feel too limited in any way.

Lucky Craft Amphibia

The next kayak in our Fishing Kayak Under $1000 list is none other than the Lucky Craft Amphibia. This paddler friendly option comes with an easy to use feature that many people love or dislike depending on how you like to fish.

The cockpit of this kayak can be removed so users can choose to either surf or stand-up paddle (SUP) style fishing. Both are great ways to enjoy kayaking while still having some degree of stability.

If you want more stable feet while trolling then do not purchase the amphibious version of this kayak! The wheels and tracks needed to make it work have been left as flimsy as possible which may hurt your overall experience.

Overall quality of the vessel seems good though and will last longer than most boats its size. If you are looking for a durable kayak that does not feel too expensive, this one is for you.

Saracen Thrush

The Saracen Thrush is one of the top fishing kayaks for beginner to intermediate level paddlers. If you are looking to add some extra stealth to your next adventure, this boat is designed to do just that!

The most unique feature about the Thrush is its hull design. For starters, it does not have an extended bow or an extended stern. This makes it very maneuverable in tight spaces such as rivers and canals.

Another cool thing about the Thrush’s hull shape is how quickly it cuts through water. This helps prevent drag while moving forward slowly or still. It also allows for more efficient propulsion since less energy is wasted due to friction.

When shopping for your saracen thrush, make sure to look for quality materials. An easy way to tell if a boat is well built is by how sturdy it feels. Make sure to check out both sides and the handle where you store the kayak.

Fisherman Kayaks K2

The fisherman kayak is one of the most well-known types of fishing kayaks. They are typically longer, wider, and lower than other styles of recreational kayaks. This shape works very well for large water bodies like lakes or rivers that are not too deep!

Many people start out as fishermen kayakers and then move up to more expensive models later in their career. There are many reasons why these types of boats are great choice number one.

Sunfish Sports Litespeed

This kayak is ideal for any fishing style! It can be beach-front or boat-front, inshore or offshore, flat water or rolling waters. The liteSpeed has several features that make it stand out from other models.

One of these features is its trolling motor. You do not have to drag yourself through the water using your hands to operate this motor. The handle you hold onto spins the propeller which then pushes forward via an elastic cord. It is very easy to use and control.

This kayak also comes with two paddles that are non-slip and contoured for better handling. There is even an insulated drink holder in the center console! While some may consider this unnecessary, I find them helpful when camping or going into colder environments.

It also boasts of having one of the best fish collection baskets around.


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