12 Best Church Management Software (Free & Paid)

Whether we know it already or not, the church can also be seen as a community. The reason for building a church is essentially about gathering groups of people who are Christ-like, who follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ preaching about God and the Bible to society.

From general consensus, we understand that members of a community should be catered for by the elders, and each member is allowed to understand their role in the community.

The same goes for the church; all members are to be carried along on every development, update, and potential challenge the church is facing. This keeps them alert on any activity and how they can get involved.

As a church continues to grow so do the resources needed to manage it. There comes a time in a growing church where making all announcements at the pulpit is not enough.

Now, this is just a part of it, leaving out common human errors from scheduling, and financial management. However, with the ever-evolving digital age, much of these flaws in managing big church communities have been greatly reduced.

Tools are generally known as church management software has been able to handle these tasks with minimized errors and improved efficiency. Not just that, they’ve also been able to integrate other ad-on that further strengthen relationships with the church and its members.

12 Best church management software

This article is listed the top ten church management software that has been able to handle church management efficiently. If you’re a church leader and need an extra hand in managing church activities, any from this list can be a great option to choose from.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a management software developed by Tithe.ly. Its primary function is to promote connection and communication within people in the church community. The effective communication features allow users to create and manage small groups. Not just that, it is also useful for certain tasks like volunteer scheduling and online donations management.

It is a software that eases the stress associated with organizing schedules for pastors, leaders, and volunteers. Its simplified user interfaces make it usable by anyone that knows how to operate a computer. It is also integrated with automated reports, which helps users can gather quick and valuable information easily, without necessarily bothering the congregation.

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Aplos Church Accounting Software

Aplos Church Accounting Software

Aplos is an accounting-based church management software that handles pretty much any church managerial task ranging from contact management, accounting, marketing, tithe tracking, event management, and even report generation. It is often regarded as the ultimate church accounting software.

This software is also very handy in generating attendance, and online registration lists, so it’s also a useful tool for event planners as well. Aplos is arguably the best accounting software out there, with its automated statement preparation, and tithe tracking tool, accounting of funds in the church is made as transparent as possible.

Breeze chMS

Breeze chMS

Breeze according to most church management software operators is the easiest web-based management software out there. It is integrated with customizable tools that you can use to generate the needed details of people attending the church.

Basic features of church management software like creation and organization of church groups, financial management, events, and activity schedule, are also integrated with the software as well.

A unique feature, however, is the ability for users to import data from previous software without necessarily switching over and starting from scratch. And because it’s all cloud-based, files and document sizes that can be saved is unlimited.

ACS Technologies

ACS Technologies

Arguably the most popular church management software in the market, ACS developed by ACS Technologies is a cloud-based all-in-one solution to church and events management. Fully integrated with data managing and tracking tools, ACS can be your final solution to all church management needs.

The comprehensive build that allows it to handle multiple tasks demands complex software, as such its user interface is slightly advanced than the options listed above. However, the company has excellent customer service and hosts multiple seminars that assist a user’s learning process.

Of course, it is also capable of handling other tasks like organizing and tracking contribution details, fundraising, volunteering and event schedules, manage the pastoral shepherding, review of member’s history, and generating pictorial directory and group calendars.

Fellowship One

Fellowship One chMS

Requiring more human work before efficiency is achieved is often the case with low-budget tools, but for Fellowship One, things are quite different. It is a church management software that is accessible to everyone everywhere. The software is often pitched as one that is specifically designed to empower church ministries by offering cost-effective church management tools.

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Apart from the regular to expect from church management tools, it is integrated with unique features such as self-service that helps users save time. It’s a software that is assured to bring long-term success in church administration.

Church Trac

Church Trac

Well, as the name suggests, Church Trac is a software specifically designed to keep track of all activities in the church. Users can use it to keep detailed information of visitors, members, donors, and every other person in the church.

Church Trac is relatively cheap when compared with others in the list, they even have a free plan with allows users to handle simple member management tasks. Their pricing plans also depend on the number of entries you make, making it a perfect choice for small churches that don’t want an inflated budget.

Church Teams

Church Teams

Church Teams is one of the fastest-growing church management software out there today. And it’s a no-brainer considering the multiple outstanding features that is made available in the platform. The software helps users monitor all activities happening within the church, and carry out auditing and accounting operations as well.

Apart from the usual, this software is quite effective for other tasks like donation management, volunteer scheduling, and membership management. It is also compatible across all devices making it an easy tool to work with on the go.



Flocknote is a church management tool specifically designed to communicate important information to members of the church. It is essentially a tool that helps establish a solid connection between members of the church through mass texting, emails, etc.

Tough broadcast messages are its primary feature, it can also handle the management of member’s databases quite efficiently as well. Users can use it to monitor, registration, contribution, and involvement of members in the church. This complements the mass texting tool as follow-up messages can be sent to members.

ShelbyNext Membership

ShelbyNext Membership

ShelbyNext Membership is a cloud-based church management software designed to foster growth within the church community. Specifically designed to meet the requirements for effective church management, this is one of the most streamlined tools one can ask for.

Users can handle activities from managing check-ins to recording attendance, sending mass texts and emails, and even live attendance monitoring. This software is also usable across all platforms allowing users to work anywhere anytime.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a church management software designed for managing small, medium and large churches. Primarily developed for all kinds of church management tasks, this software is integrated with features to handle member, people, and/or group management, schedule management, check-ins with text support, and donations.

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Just like the top picks in the lists, it is also web-based and accessible with any device anywhere. Users can also do some customizations to the interface to suit their preferences.

Payment, Giving and Donation Solution Software for Churches

The Church is a significant part of people’s lives. They offer up prayers and share their faith, while also providing the best possible environment for moral guidance and religious education.

Churches are often the center of many communities, but unfortunately, many pastors are having to close down due to a lack of funds.

However, there are solutions that can help provide both giving and donation software for churches that will help sustain them for years to come.


tithely church giving platform

Tithe.ly Church Giving is a church giving platform that allows parishioners to give their tithes and offerings easily. It makes it easy for churches to track what they’ve collected and helps priests get the data they need to make their congregations happy.



Pushpay Holdings Limited is known for its donor management system that is revolutionizing the charitable donation process. This company improves the lives of many families and individuals that do not have access to basic necessities such as food, water and shelter.

We are committed to helping you navigate the maze of technology without spending countless hours trying to figure it out on your own. We are here to help you focus on the ministry by providing services that make it easy for you.

Church Presentation Software

Church presentation software lets church leaders create their presentations without having to be concerned about design or graphic elements.

It is perfect for churches that want to save time and still have beautiful slideshows.

This type of software is especially useful for churches that are constantly creating presentations for different events. Church presentation software is a great resource for churches who want to focus more on content than design or graphics.


easy worship software

EasyWorship is a church presentation software that helps churches create high-quality presentations with a focus on worship services. With its intuitive interface, you can easily customize your own media to use in different worship service formats such as PowerPoint, movie and PDF.

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