10 Best Christian Clothing Brands

Christian clothing brands are becoming more popular all over the world. With the introduction of online shopping, people are able to purchase clothes without even stepping out of their homes.

With the increased demand for these products, there has been a lot of new companies that have come into this industry over the last few years. It is not easy to find the best company that offers great clothes at incredible prices.

In this guide, we will furnish you with some information about the best Christian clothing brands online and allow you to make better buying decisions when it comes to your clothing needs.

There are so many cool Christian clothing brands to choose from today, for any specific brand to stand out, they have to be doing something really top-notch that’s not seen anywhere.

Another thing I guess we can all agree on is that over the last two decades, we’ve seen the Christian clothing industry evolve, brands have come, made fame, and then fizzle out like they never existed, and few have tried to be consistent in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

As someone who does a lot of shopping of Christian apparel, and an enthusiast in the Christian fashion, I’ve come up with a list containing the top ten Christian clothing brands today.

Most brands on this list I’ve tried their products, and others are recommendations from friends who have purchased their clothes as well. If you’re having trouble picking a nice Christian clothing brand, you can go ahead with any on this list they’re all amazing.

Disciple Threads

disciplethreads.co dry bone come alive t shirt

Disciple Threads is one of the leading Christian clothing brands that focus their attention on sharing the gospel through their products. Yes, they actually preach the gospel with the designs they make on their clothes.

This brand creates designs that preach the message of Jesus Christ, and they do it by implementing an exquisite combination of art and culture. If you’d love for your clothes to also carry the message of Christ, this is the brand you’ve got to check out.

Fabrics of Faith


Fabrics of Faith is one of the fastest-growing Christian clothing brands out there. They occupy the second spot because I’m amazed at the level their designs have evolved within a short period of time.

They pitch their selves as a Christian-based lifestyle brand offering a wide variety of Christian clothing designed for both genders to glorify the word of Jesus Christ. If you want a Christian brand that designs something with a lot of styles, this is one you should give your attention.

Jesus Loves You Co

jesus loves you christian clothing

This is one brand that I’ll say has succeeded in turning the cliché “Jesus Loves Me” statement to “Jesus Loves You”. And they do so through having inspirational designs on premium clothing materials.

Their designs seem to have Conversations, Relationships and Eternities as the focal points. The stuff they design is quite different from the regulars out there, if you’re looking to wear something with a well-thought design that is unique, this is the brand for you.

Raised Brand Co

in god we trust raised brand sweatneck

Raised Brand Co is a brand that has its eyes on the community. The heart of this brand is on funding kingdom-minded missions and overall helping the communities.

They are able to achieve this by creating quality clothing designs that is influenced by the Christian lifestyle. This is a relatively new brand as well, if you’re looking for designs that express your Christian Faith, then it’s the one for you.

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CXXII Apparel

CXXII Apparel is a Christian clothing brand that designs inspirational scriptural verses on clothing. They develop both direct and abstract designs, focused on printing verses of the bible on fabric. Their scriptural approach to designs is something that is not only unique but original because they are presented in the most stylish ways. If you’d love to wear a cloth that’s probably carrying the verse you need for the day, this brand will give you that.


Of course, this list won’t be complete if a Christian clothing brand like Kerusso is not included. This brand lives up to its name which means “to herald”, in this case, the gospel. They’re one of the pacesetters in the Christian fashion industry as we know it today.


316TEES is a fast-growing Christian clothing brand that designs Christian T-shirts inspired by vintage designing brands like C28, and Sanctify. At first glance, I thought they were just copying from these Legacy brands, and nothing special was going on there until I realized that they had one of the original designers of C28 in their staff list. They also have Christian freedom-themed designs that express the relationship between God and Country in their clothing line.

Temple NY

 prayers+back+product temple NY t shirt.

Often regarded as “The brand with the crown of thorns”, Temple NY is a faith-based casualwear company that has a zeal for creating positive social changes in the life of believers and non-believers.

They’re able to achieve this through Christian hip hop and haute couture. In an interview with the head designer, she says her designs are gotten primarily from everyday situations through spiritual inspirations. If you’re looking for something that’s simplistic with a lot of meaning attached, this is one of the top brands to check out.

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Missional Wear

Based in Orlando Florida, Missional wear is a Christian outfit design brand established in 2010. Unlike other design brands on this list, they primarily operate in a niche market.

Their designs are themed around theologians like Martin Luther, Martin Bucer, Thomas Cranmer, and others alike. If you’re into something that’s primarily classic and orthodoxy, that still shows glimpses of modern style, then this is one brand you should be patronizing.

Shields of Strength

Shields of Strength is a the company name of a Christian clothing line designer that started their design work by printing scriptural notes on dog tags. To this day, they still supply custom dog tags to the military, first responders, and other law enforcement agencies.

The majority of their work is targeted at athletes and sporting personalities. I personally saved this for last because they have it all covered from designs on human clothes to pets. If you’d like your pet to pull up in the same style as you do, Shields of Strength is definitely the design brand to choose.

Write at the end:

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