9 Hacks To Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New

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It feels absolutely nice when you get ready in one of your favorite dresses.

However, buying and using new clothes becomes a hassle when you are supposed to follow fast fashion and renew your wardrobe after some time.

This is where the importance of different hacks for clothes kicks in.

You are able to be creative with your styling ideas when you know how to keep your clothes looking like new.

So, without wasting any more time, scroll below and find out unique ideas you might have been missing till now.

  • Wash Inside Out

One of the first hacks for clothes to make them look like new is to wash them inside out.

Yes, you read that right.

This might seem an odd way to protect your clothes from the wear and tear effect. However, it really works well without compromising on the hygiene part.

The reason is that the inside part of your clothes comes in direct contact with the detergent or anything else you are using for laundry, making the main (the outside) part of your clothes less likely to get affected.

Also, this hack protects if there’s any embroidery or fancy work on your garments.

  • Sort By Colors

The next one on our list of hacks for clothes is always to sort your clothing by color.

This can really turn out to be a game-changer for you.

The reason is, regardless of how expensive or modern your clothes are, you never know if they are dyed in good quality or not.

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So, if you are not careful, mixing them up during laundry can really result in ruining your favorite pieces of your clothes.     

  • Always Use Cold Water

How many times has someone told you to get rid of those hard dirt stains by washing that piece of clothing in hot water while talking about different hacks for clothes?

Well, the chances are, many times!

So, what if we tell you that this might be the main thing ruining your garments?

The reason is that hot water might make you feel like it takes out the stains easily. 

However, this is not exactly the case because dirt is actually protein that can only be removed easily when treated with cold water.

Moreover, hot water softens the fabric, making it prone to breakage and losing its color. 

  • Make That Lint Go Away

There’s no doubt that when you use a certain piece of clothing for too long, it starts showing signs of wear and tear in one way or another.

This can be anything, like the appearance of fuzz on your clothes or anything similar to this.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it and will simply throw it away. 

So, one of our hacks for clothes is to get rid of pills on your clothing using something like the best portable wood lint remover.

The reason behind considering the quality factor to remove fuzz off your garments is that you won’t be damaging your favorite pieces in any way possible. 

  • Try Reducing The Dryer Time
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The next one on our list of hacks for clothes is to reduce the dryer time.

As mentioned earlier, the use of hot water can pretty much damage the fabric. The same is the case with hot air, or to be precise, dryer.

Instead, you try normal air dry your washed clothes to make them last longer. 

  • Use Clothes With Intervals

Giving your clothes a break is yet another workable hack to keep them looking like new.

For example, if your feel like your cap is changing its shape because of constant usage, try not wearing it and giving it a break for some days to regain its original shape.

The same is the case with other instances.

  • Don’t Use Clothes Beyond Their Purpose

There’s no doubt that on some days, you will often feel like not changing and refreshing yourself up and simply going to bed because you had a really tiring day at work.

However, what if we tell you that it can also mess up with your favorite dresses.

The same is the case when you go for a workout or to play in something other than sportswear.

This is why one of our next hacks for clothes recommends you to use clothes for the same purpose they have been prepared for.

  • Say No To Too Many Chemicals

While you try all the hacks for clothes mentioned above, make sure not to use too many chemicals in your favorite dresses, no matter what.

The use of too many chemicals will bring no good to your favorite pairs, regardless of how tempting it may sound. 

  • Lastly, Never Compromise On The Quality
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The last but surely not the least one of the hacks for clothes is not to compromise on the quality standards while buying anything new.

This will definitely help you in the long run instead of the other way around.

Bottom Line:

How much did you find the above-mentioned hacks useful for yourself?

Do you have anything to add or suggest?

Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section below!

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