6 Christian Inspired T-shirt Ideas To Add Into Your Clothing Store

For most Christians, apparel means more than just clothing. They’d love to tell the world about their religion or give encouragement from bible quotes. They’re usually very keen on the prints on their t-shirts. They can wear such a thing for religious campaigns or other church-related events. During such times, your customers will request Christian-inspired t-shirts. If the customers give no specific words, it’s up to you to come up with Christian-related ideas. 

For this reason, you’d want to consider these Christian-inspired ideas and add them to your clothing store:

  1. Christian Symbols

You can never go wrong with religious symbols such as the cross, the Christian star, the dove, and the crown of thorns. These symbols bear some meaning to them. The print should be easy to identify with for the Christians.

Let’s take, for instance, the cross. Most Christians go for the cross symbol to remind them that the Messiah died for their sins on the cross. This makes the cross a famous sign to print on their t-shirts. You can use styles such as glitter or patterns for the crosses to make them appealing. 

Companies like Printful or others could help you create custom designs and do the actual printing.

2. Biblical Teachings

Most Christians value biblical teachings. A Bible is a collection of 66 books with several quotes that are popular with most Christians. Also, it is divided into two parts: The Old Testament and the New Testament. 

One of the popular verses is John 3:16, which represents God’s love for the world. Some other teachings include:

  •  Jeremiah 29:11 
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Verse: ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD, ’plans to make you prosperous and not bring harm, plans to give you hope and a future.’

  •  John 19:30 

Verse: ‘It is finished.’

  •  Proverbs 3:6 

Verse: ‘In everything you do, acknowledge God, and He’ll make your paths straight.’

  • Philippians 4:13 

Verse: ‘I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.’

Such teachings act as guidelines to remind Christians how they should live to emulate the old-time Christians. In addition to that, the writings on the t-shirts remind them of the teachings.

With such instructions printed on the t-shirts, you can be sure that Christians will buy from your clothing store.

3. Church Logos

Christians go to different church denominations, each with a different logo. Printing the church Logos will attract them to make the purchase. Since every Christian wants to be identified with their church, they’ll most likely buy the T-shirt bearing the logo from their church.

For this reason, before you begin the printing process, identify the most famous churches around your area. Then, you can customize the t-shirts with the logos from those churches. Knowing your customers’ needs goes a long way to winning their attention and trust.

4. Prayer

The lord’s prayer and the apostle’s creed are common Christian prayers. You can have them printed on the t-shirts as a way to lure the Christians. You should, however, consider the different translations available. Then, tweak your t-shirts with the most appropriate translations. 

This will be a score on your side. The goal is to have the Christians identify with the words printed on the t-shirts.

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5. Popular Christian Songs

There are Christian songs that cut across all denominations. You can use the song titles or popular phrases from the songs and have them printed on your t-shirts. As they wear the t-shirts to any function, the songs could be a source of encouragement to someone else or themselves.

Songs have an inspiration behind them, and they help pass a message. Thus, you must get the most inspirational songs and print the message on the t-shirts.

6. Animals

Specific animals relate to the Christian faith and can be found in the Bible. For instance, Jesus refers to his followers as the” flock” in the Bible. Thus, the picture of sheep led by a shepherd strikes a chord with Christians. 

The dove also has a calming effect on Christians since it symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Other animals Christians relate to including eagles, the lamb, lions, bulls, turtle doves, female goats, and red heifers. You’d want to accompany animal images with relevant wording since not all symbols are self-explanatory.


One way to get the ideas right is to find popular symbols, features, or songs to which every Christian feels hooked. It’d be best if you made the correct impressions with the symbols. If you go for biblical teachings, choose encouraging and strengthening bible quotes.

In addition, the first thing that’ll attract the Christian to the T-shirt is the color. Make sure you choose attractive or neutral colors for your t-shirts. You should also ensure the prints are easily recognizable and the wording is precise. This way, your customers can identify the t-shirts quickly. 

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