5 Features of Counter-Strike 2 Needs to Succeed

Counter-Strike happens to be the legendary first-person shooter that has inspired a lot of other games. It has one of the most luxurious esports settings with a large prize pool and a number of views. Despite the fame and public admiration, the game has been dated with numerous problems causing damage to the player experience. In the hope of changes, Valve decided to surprise the audience with the new Counter-Strike entry.

Counter-Strike 2 will become a reality but will need particular changes to succeed. There are nuances that fans expect to see in the Source 2 version that can promise lots of benefits in the long run. Let’s 5 features that CS2 needs to be a huge success like the predecessor.

1.More Playable Maps

For CS:GO events, there are limited maps that are selected by players at the level of tournaments. In fact, there are around 7 Active Duty maps that are provided to players. What is the reason? A short number linked to map design.

CS2 will feature more maps that are meant to be functional. It should offer a balanced performance for terrorists and counter-terrorists to promise an organic influence. There should be frequent rotation in the map pool to make it possible for fans to enjoy new experiences.

2.128-Tick Servers

CS:GO official servers are operating on a 64-tick rate, which is not sufficient considering the need for high precision. A lower tick rate is related to lower server responsiveness, which causes harm to the online gaming experience. This is why most professional players rely on FACEIT due to its ability to fluid 128-tick rate servers.

CS:GO 2 news seems to be the solution to the CS events problem. The updated game will be based on a 128-tick rate server in order to enable a worthy entry into the franchise.

3.Optimized UI Design

The UI is an obvious area of improvement as CS:GO hasn’t worked on this aspect long time. Over the last decade, CS:GO has experienced quite a few interface transformations but there are still a lot of things to be changed. One of the main highlights in this regard is the replay controls in-game. It is not user-oriented and features a bunch of hardly recognizable buttons.

The new game should make some drastic changes to bolster its UI design. Valve has already moved Dota 2 to the new engine, which comes with an amazing interface. It should use the available knowledge to enhance the user experience on CS2 as well.

4.Modern Anti-Cheat Mechanism

The Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) mechanism came out with CS:GO and it doesn’t seem to be relevant. The main design is to identify cheats that have been registered in its system. It can only recognize a program that affects the game while it’s running. The title has to track numerous scammers regularly and its anti-cheat is poor in that regard.

Innovative cheat detection product like Riot’s Vanguard is much more reliable. It automatically identifies any suspicious background software, demonstrating its productivity. CS2 should transform its anti-cheat program to fight modern scammers. This will strengthen the in-game experience that players would like to have.

5.Regulate the Skin Market

Most of the CS:GO skin market is unchecked. People have developed a thriving business out of skin trading and gambling, which mostly appears under the radar. Counter-Strike’s loot-box mechanism is developed like a spin-wheel game. Gamers invest money into keys in attempts to get more expensive itineraries that they can easily exchange for real money.

Even gambling websites come up with no age restrictions. In-game skins can be changed into third-party sites via bots, which can then be utilized for tournament wagering. CS2 needs to figure out the issue and take the market under control. Skins should be completely cosmetic and they should have a fixed price tag. This way, they might reduce their income but stay clean in front of the authorities.

The Counter-Strike community is waiting for the new version of the legendary game. They are looking forward to exploring its full potential. So far, they have limited information about the future release. It’s still good to know the approximate features and prepare yourself for the update.

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