5 Educational Apps that are Popular in 2022

Educational Apps that are Popular

The education journey involves a lot of academic research and writing. It also requires time management and personal care. Educational apps are some of the best tools to enhance your overall experience. 

There are numerous educational apps. You choose an app based on the kind of help you need with your school work and the features such an app can offer. Here are some of the best educational apps to consider in 2022. 

  • Grammarly 

A student will write tens of essays before graduation. One of the parameters for grading essays is grammar. Grammarly will help you to produce an error-free essay that earns you the best grade. Can I find mba essay writing services to save me the trouble of worrying about grammar and other writing elements? Get writing services to help to make your essays free of grammatical errors. 

Grammarly can be used as an app, add-on, or portal. It highlights such errors as punctuation, spelling mistakes, and poor word choices. It is a real-time add-on, meaning that it corrects your writing as you type. This way, you save time at the end of your writing, enabling you to complete the paper faster. 

Grammarly is free for the basic features. If you require advanced features, you will pay for a reasonable subscription. It will also help you to eliminate plagiarized sections from your paper. Grammarly ensures that you submit the most compelling essay. 

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud storage app. You can use it on G-Mail or as an app on your phone. It allows you to gather all the reference materials you require to write your paper in one place. The platform also allows you to access such materials as e-books and your incomplete essays from any device whenever you need to continue with your assignment. You avoid having to draft different documents and later combine them. 

Google Docs is free for basic features and limited storage space. It allows you to write directly on the document without having to download it. You can share the document during a group discussion and track the changes made by individual participants. It is one of the best student-collaboration tools. 

  • myHomework Student Planner 

One of the most important aspects of college life is time management. You have numerous activities calling for your attention. Unfortunately, time is limited. myHomework Student Planner helps you to allocate time for each task and assignment. 

myHomework Student Planner allows you to create milestones that will guide the completion of your assignment. You avoid the shock of realizing that you have too much homework yet very little time to the deadline. 

The app helps you to set priority tasks based on workload and time before the deadline. Through the app, you can trace the time left before the actual deadline. You can also add other tasks beyond homework.

  • RefMe 

Academic writing requires you to reference all your sources. Citing the sources must be accurate and consistent to avoid misleading your readers. RefMe allows you to select a formatting style that will apply to the entire document. Once you enter the details of the book, article, or paper, it will produce a citation. You only copy the citation to your document without having to struggle with the formatting rules. 

  • Mint 

Mint is a budgeting app. It helps you to track income and expenditure. You will have an idea of the money left before the end of the semester. You can also trim some of the expenses based on your income projections. 

Educational apps support you to complete your college easily and conveniently. Pick an app that is rich in features and will enhance your productivity. Use apps to enhance your college experience.

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