4 Things To Do Before Putting Your Berkeley Home On The Market

As a homeowner, there comes a point when you are ready to sell your property. This prospect can be exciting since you can finally get your money’s worth after investing in your house for years. However, before your property can get enlisted on the market, you may need to give it a final touch-up and investigate the housing market trends in your region so you can navigate the market flawlessly. 

According to Redfin, the market trends in Berkeley, California, were down 10% compared to last year in May 2023. On average, houses in Berkeley sold for a median price of $1.5M, and most homes sold after 15 days of being enlisted on the market. 

These are pretty promising numbers and clearly show that once you successfully launch your home on the market, there’s a high chance it will get sold immediately and get you an impressive ROI. Therefore, to help you hit the jackpot, here are some things you need to do before listing your home.

Saying Goodbye to the Californian Dream

Berkeley is a gorgeous city in Northern California, east of San Francisco Bay, making it a scenic, culturally vibrant, and friendly place to live. Likewise, the city is also home to one of the finest universities in the US, the University of California, where thousands of students compete every year to land a spot. 

So, while Berkeley is a lovely place to live, it is also costly. In such cases, it’s best to move out of California and towards states like Mississippi, Kansas, Alabama, and Iowa, where living is far more affordable and quaint. Luckily, once you decide to take on this long-distance move, expert Berkeley movers can help you shift for a reasonable cost. 

According to the Home and Money blog, Berkeley is one of the most expensive cities in the US. In numbers, it infers if you are a family of four, you need an annual income close to $120,000 to afford a good life here. However, on the plus side, having a house in Berkeley and then deciding to sell it can reap an excellent outcome for you. Berkeley is a desirable place to live, and the competitive housing market guarantees you will get multiple offers. So while you may be saying goodbye to living in Berkeley, you will still get a chance to build a better life for yourself.

What To Do To Your House Before You Move?

  • Know The Local Market

The housing market in Berkeley is unique. Generally, houses sell for less than what you list them for, but that is not the case in Berkeley. According to zero down, the homes in Berkeley sell for 17% above the listing price on average. For example, if you list your house at $800,000, you may get offers starting from $936,000 or above, making the housing market no less than a gold mine. There are many reasons why this occurs. 

Most realtors operating in the Bay Area claim that factors like the low supply of houses, relaxed mortgage rates, and wealth accumulation among higher-income residents cause the housing market in Berkeley to become frenzied. 

  • Get Your Hands Dirty

You need to clean up your house for two reasons: Decluttering makes packing everything easier, allowing you to shift places seamlessly. And cleaning up makes your home ready for potential buyers to browse. After all, no one likes to walk into a massive pile of junk and clutter. Tidying up your space takes time, so make sure you start early. The idea is to donate every item you’re not using, like clothes, toys, and appliances, while throwing away anything worn down. But don’t just swipe your house empty; it would help if you added a few trinkets here and there to make your space look inviting. 

For instance, light a candle in the living room to give it a cozy outlook or set a vase in the kitchen with freshly plucked flowers to make it look more homely. If you have too many things, consider investing in a storage unit and shifting your possessions there. 

  • Carry Out Repair Work

Factors like a leaking pipe, faulty lighting, and outdated appliances like the stove can impact your real estate value. Don’t expect potential buyers to look your way if your house is too ancient and damaged. While these repair works are costly, they add to the overall value of your home. Inspect the pipes in your place; upgrade the whole system if they look rusted, weak, and leak. Furthermore, if the insulation in the walls has considerably deteriorated, you may need to get it fixed immediately. 

Other repair work includes cleaning the HVAC unit and replacing the filters, ensuring no mold, cracks, or discoloration on the walls or flooring. You should also give your house a fresh coat of paint; with time, the color fades and may look dull. But a simple touch-up is enough to liven up the appearance of your house. If you’re looking for recommendations, go for neutral colors, these are easy on the eyes and make your house seem sophisticated.

  • Market Your House

Talking to a real estate agent is not enough to get your property sold. You need to market your house effectively to get bids. It would help if you looked into hiring a real estate photographer. These professionals know how to capture your house, make it attractive, and highlight its best features. You can use these images to start a website or a public social media page for your home.

Additionally, talk about your property, dive into your house’s history, and share memories of your home that can encourage potential buyers to purchase your house. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to sell your house online, you have your work cut out for you. This is because marketing and preparing your home for the real estate market takes a lot of work. It involves researching the market rates, fixing your place, and ensuring it is guest ready. When you can nail these factors, you will undoubtedly get a barrage of offers knocking at your doorstep.


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